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Applications for our Board open every spring. The Board is elected by WIL members and serves for a minimum of one year. There are five positions, each listed on the slideshow below. All positions are on a volunteer basis. This will be announced on our social media. 


  1. Please send a short video pitch and CV to If you are already a WIL member, sending a CV is optional. In your video, please introduce yourself and explain your motivation for becoming part of the WIL Board. You can also touch upon any previous experience, and questions such as Why WIL? Why this position? What makes you the best candidate? What is your vision for WIL?

  2. The video must be between 2 and 2.5 minutes long. Please make sure it is in a .mov or mp4 format. You can apply for multiple positions but please send a separate video and email for each. Please indicate the position(s)* you wish to apply for as well as your name in the email.

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