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Motivational Workshop: WIL Members watch TED Talks on Procrastination

Updated: Feb 16, 2020

“5,4,3,2,1.” Reciting this countdown right after your gut incites you to act is Mel Robbins’ solution to breaking bad habits and taking control of your life. This “five second rule” is one of the many techniques that were explored in the WIL motivational workshop, where we watched inspiring TED Talks on procrastination and bad habits.

The event was innovative for two reasons. Firstly, it was organized independently by WIL members, showcasing how WIL does not only empower its members as they attend insightful events but also offers a platform for members to create their own. Secondly, using videos as sources of knowledge instead of guest speakers opens the door to organizing more accessible workshops, once again promoting a deeper involvement, thus growth, of WIL members within the organization.

This promising format was especially fit to the aim of the event. Indeed, helped by tasty popcorn and hummus-dipped carrots, the event’s structure created a welcoming atmosphere where animated discussions about work, habits and the nature of productivity bloomed.

After a discussion on our personal experiences regarding procrastination, we watched a talk by Nic Voge on the Self-Worth Theory. He notably explains that procrastination is a mechanism to protect one’s self-worth, as it makes for the perfect excuse for unsatisfactory results as well as flatters one’s abilities if he/she succeeds. Then, we watched a video on the importance of commitment to transform bad habits into good ones sustainably. The following insight was Mel Robbins’ “brain hack.” Judson Brewer’s Ted Talk on breaking bad habits nicely opposed the previous video, as he advocated for mindfulness instead of Robins’ emphasis on listening to your instincts. The last short movie was Matt Cutts’ exciting invitation to “Try something new for 30 days,” which for instance enabled him to call himself a novelist after one of those challenges! To carry the motivation building up whilst watching the videos outside of the event, the “Pomodoro” app and the You Are A Badass book by Jen Sincero were introduced, as day-to-day reminders of how powerful mindset and techniques can be in helping with bad-habits and procrastination.

To digest all the inspiring talks and methods we discovered, Gabi Franzini, a wonderful yoga instructor and WIL member, introduced respiration exercises which both invigorated and soothed. Her intervention was literally a breath of fresh air, which everyone is encouraged to take, especially when the will to give-up and procrastinate is too compelling to ignore.

You can find the videos and other methods discussed here:

Gabi Franzini’s yoga Facebook page:

Blog post by: Ana Ghiban

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