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WIL Café: Connecting Minds for Solutions

During this workshop, WIL members, alongside experienced female professionals, brainstormed solutions to challenges faced by women in the working world. Splitting up into a variety of categories and potential scenarios relevant to women working in professional environments, such as work-space inclusion and diversity, job vacancies, investment, and entrepreneurship, WIL members wrote down their ideas on potential solutions to these challenges.

Elles Achterhof, Saida van Kalsbeek, and Lencola Sullivan Verseveldt, three professionals from different fields, then walked through those solutions, stimulating discussion regarding the viability of each proposed solutions. Throughout the discussion, the professionals shared their personal experiences and solutions to some of the challenges raised, illustrating particular scenarios with entertaining anecdotes.

This brainstorming discussion was followed by an entrepreneurship exercise, whereby WIL members, with the mentoring of the professionals, developed tech enterprises, integrating solutions to the challenges previously discussed within their company's model. The two teams then pitched their ideas to the professionals, who voted for a winning team. Throughout this exercise, WIL members were able to not only test their creativity skills, but also their pitching and advertising qualities.

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