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Workshop: Corporate Storytelling with WBII

Updated: Feb 16, 2020

If we had to sum up Natali Drake’s story in three key words, it would be “Show, don’t tell.” On May 23rd, WIL and WBII members came together once again for an evening of networking and learning about the art of self-branding and corporate storytelling. They were joined by Natali Drake, marketing & branding specialist and author of “The Path Keeper,” who gave a compelling presentation on the best techniques for marketing yourself and your brand.

Among her key messages were the idea that in the same way we tell stories every day—by the way we look and how we choose to communicate, be it offline or online—so do brands. According to Natali, the brands that are able to achieve the most long-term success are often the ones with the best stories. They are the ones who manage to bring emotion, nostalgia, and comfort into their stories. They embrace vulnerability and value consistency. Most of all, they create an a sense of trust and reliability with their customers that sets the basis for their success.

Social media was repeatedly mentioned as one of the main ways we tell stories on our age and as an important tool we can use to choose which story to tell. This message spoke to the social entrepreneurs in attendance, who asked many questions regarding the most efficient ways to use social media to promote their startups. Some takeaways included the idea that facts don’t sell, but rather using authenticity and personalization in the story of your brand. In other words: show, don’t tell, just like with literary storytelling! Natali’s words resonated with WIL members and got us thinking about our three key words in telling our story. For now, we are going with collaboration, leadership, and growth.

What are your three words?

By Ana Ghiban

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