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The Communication Team focuses on spreading information about WIL through various media outlets. Their role includes managing the website and social media accounts, keeping members updated on WIL and promoting events. 

For more information and full position descriptions, contact the Head of Communcation at


Are you communicatively strong, do you have a hand for working on social media platforms, and do you enjoy networking? Then the communication team is the place for you!


As an outreach officer, you help WIL become visible to a greater audience by creating networks on social media  In this role, you can also gain experience in answering any questions people may have about WIL!


Do you have a way with words - professionally, academically, or creatively - and do you love to write? Then the Communication team is the place for you!

From writing articles, blogs, and website sections, to social media posts or other other original pieces you may bring in, as part of the Communication team you  can improve your writing and let your skills flourish!


Are you a creative soul, who has experience in (or is eager to learn about) design platforms like Canva? Then we need you on the Communications team!


As a graphic designer you will spruce up our socials and be central in the marketing of WIL! In this position, you will get a lot of creative freedom in designing social media posts, stickers, posters, and more!


Are you interested in photography and videography, and do you have a creative mind that is always full of new ideas? Then the Communication team is for you!


As our very own photographer/videographer you will make WIL’s socials and website thrive! You will take photos and videos at WIL’s events, as well as work on longer creative projects that facilitate reaching WIL’s mission!

Anushree Verma

Anushree Verma is the Social Media Officer for the WIL Communications Team. She is also the  Communications and Events Intern at the International Centre for Counter-Terrorism since August 2022. She is in the final year of her BSc degree in International Relations and Organisations at Leiden University.

Previously, Anushree has worked extensively with different organisations to acquire skills in graphic design, event management, and administration. She is also the co-founder of a collaboration project between two NGO’s, C.R.Y and Kora Kagaz, in India. From tasks concerning designing and conducting workshops all the way to managing internal/external communications, she has gained experience from the ground level.



Ciao a tutti! My name is Giorgia, I am a 22-year-old student from Italy. Currently, I am studying International Studies with a specialisation in Latin America at Leiden University. My passion aside from my studies is Spanish Literature, I love reading and writing poems in my free time. My favourite poet is Federico Garcia Lorca, very recommended!


Alongside my studies and passions, I am a team member of the Communications Team at WIL! I am enthusiastic about my tasks and the creative process behind every post and content my teammates and I create. I decided to join WIL because I believe in its mission of empowering women’s networking and presence in the workplace. As a matter of fact, I am very interested also in my studies about the role and developments of female labor in political economy. 

Foto WIL.jpeg


Hi! My name is Yoko and I’m a second-year student at the Leiden University College in The Hague, majoring in World Politics (WP) and minoring in Governance, Economics and Development (GED). I am German-Indonesian and grew up partly in Allgäu and Bali.


In my academic work, I am drawn to exploring identity and culture. Drawing elements from both my major and minor, such as international relations and development studies, I have become deeply interested in uncovering the subtle, yet detrimental, power imbalances that pervade society.



Pien Soer,

Graphic Designer 2019-2020

In the WIL Communication Team you get to develop a new skill set while making connections with other women who are advocating gender equality on the work floor. As a Graphic Designer, I have mostly worked on promoting events (both offline and online) together with an awesome team of girls who were very dedicated and motivated. I loved working with WIL and wish them all the best in the upcoming years!

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