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WIL is first and foremost a networking service. We not only offer networking opportunities through all of our events and hold targeted sessions on developing networking skills, but we are also an evergrowing network of students, entrepreneurs, coaches, and other professionals. Networking is an important part of career development, and WIL recognizes its significance by constantly working to expanding its network through each new member. By being a member of WIL, you have unlimited access to this vast and diverse network by being put in touch with our professional contacts and other members. You also have access to an Opportunity Platform that is constantly being updated with jobs, internships, and volunteer opportunities, as well as resources from our workshops and other exclusive sources, while also serving as a space to seek out the expertise of other members and offer up your own.  


Our quarterly programme is made up a series of events, at the core of which are quality workshops. Whether it is with trained professionals, successful leaders, or our very own skilled members, we value these direct and interactive exchanges as key to effective professional skill development that has a lasting impact. Some noteworthy sessions from WIL's 2019 Winter-Spring program included Radical Self-Acceptance II with Visionary Collective Leader and Coach, Manuela Damant and Designing an Extraordinary Life with social entrepreneur and former WIL Head of Program Jenni Pfister. 

Guest Speakers

To get to where we want to be, we need to learn from those who are already there. That is why we invite esteemed guest speakers to share their expertise and experiences at our events. We believe that success engenders success and that meeting leaders and innovators of today is a meaningful way to keep our members inspired and determined to become our leaders and innovators of tomorrow. This is embodied in our series of WIL Talks—panel discussions featuring several speakers—on topics including Empowering Women in the Professional Sphere and Balancing Ambitions.  

Mentorship Program

The WIL Mentorship Program offers members targeted and professional guidance. You participate in a clear program which evolves based on your needs and requests. The program is currently online and organized in small groups of three to four mentees who have similar ideas about the topics they need mentoring in. With the completion of the program, members receive a certificate of participation.

General Meetings

General meetings are held with all of our members two to three times per year. They are an opportunity for us to gather and share any ideas, projects, concerns and keep the space creative and collaborative. In the image of its members, we believe that WIL should be in a continuous cycle of improvement, and we rely on discussions with our members to guarantee this quality.

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