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Meet our board 

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Clara Janbon (she/her)


My name is Clara, and I am pleased to be chairing WIL this year. I've been part of the WIL community since 2019 while studying Governance, Economics, and Development at Leiden University. I’m passionate about the environment and as a woman eager to enter the world of work, I want to help provide to our members what I myself still need: guidance and confidence!


As chair, I’ll be focussing on producing a well-synchronized and organized board to help revive WIL after the challenges faced due to the pandemic. I hope to bring events of high quality and to make them well-targeted to what the current generation of students and young professionals need. My role is also to keep the WIL task list up-to-date and make sure our progress is consistent. We’ll be employing a new model of social media use and a database built on last year’s efforts to bring together old and new members and optimize our overall performance.

If you have any points or ideas, please feel free to reach out. I’ll be happy to hear your thoughts and questions!


head of partnerships

Avalon Leiman (she/her)


My name is Lon and I'm excited to be WIL's new Head of Partnerships! I'm Dutch-Brazilian and currently studying Culture, History and Society with Journalism at Leiden University College whilst working part-time alongside my studies. Alongside being passionate about women's rights, especially sexual violence prevention, I'm also very interested in advancing disability rights. Aside from work, my passions include writing, debating, mentoring public speaking students, horses, film photography, neurodiversity, dogs and the ocean.


As Head of Partnerships, I aim to foster meaningful relationships with a wide variety of organisations in the Netherlands and beyond. I firmly believe everyone can learn from each other, and I look forward to sharing knowledge, experience and skills with our partners! I'm also excited to expand and diversify our network to include organisations WIL hasn't yet worked with. If you or your organisation would be interested in offering or participating in a workshop, mentoring or anything else Women, Innovation or Leadership-related please do reach out!

For inquiries contact:


head of communication

Inge-Lise Raaijmakers

My name is Inge-Lise Raaijmakers, and I am the Head of Communication at WIL this year! I study at Leiden University College, where I major in World Politics. My interests in my studies overlap greatly with WIL, with two of my favourite essay topics I have covered being Feminist Institutionalism and Ecofeminism. In my free time, I play hockey and love going to concerts, and I spend as much time as possible at the beach.

As Head of Communications, I am responsible for the promotion of WIL and our events on all social media platforms and the website. This means that when you seek contact with us, you will most likely be talking to me! Besides this, I will write articles for WIL’s website and provide a newsletter to all our members. However, I am not doing this all alone. As Head of Communications, I will lead our amazing communications team: an important group of people for the promotion of WIL that will carry out all these tasks with me.

I cannot wait to be Head of Communications this year and help WIL to reach as many people as possible!

For inquiries contact:

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head of Program

Stefania Kafka (she/her)

My name is Stefania Kafka and I am excited to be part of the WIL Head of Program this year.


I hold an LL.B. from University of York in the United Kingdom and an LL.M. in European Law from Leiden University in the Netherlands. The past three years, I have been working on women’s rights providing advisory support on gender integration to projects and programs in countries in Asia, Africa, and the LAC region. Previously, I worked in various NGOs focusing on research on human rights violations against religious, sexual, and ethnic minorities in South Asian countries.

Beyond my professional career, I also seek to use my voice to speak up about women’s rights in my personal capacity and advocate for a more gender-equal society. 


I look forward to joining a network of like-minded women that support and learn from each other and contributing to the work of WIL which promotes knowledge exchange and expertise through events for young  women professionals.

For inquiries contact:



Eleonora Dijkstra (she/her)

My name is Noor Dijkstra, and I am this year’s treasurer at WIL! Recently, I completed a degree in Governance, Economics, and Development at Leiden University College, often focussing on the role of women in society, feminist institutionalism, and economics of development. Moving on, I’m very excited to put my love for these topics and working together with other motivated individuals together in WIL. This year, I hope to help create a positive and empowering space for others to do just that!


As treasurer, I am responsible for WIL’s administration, financial matters, and bureaucratic management. My main objectives this year therefore are to provide stable and transparent grounds for WIL to expand on and maximise our existing network through a network database.


If you have any questions, ideas, or just want to chat about WIL, feminist institutionalism, volleyball, cooking, cafés in the Hague, ecofeminism, sustainable development, or anything else; please do not hesitate to reach out!

For inquiries contact:


Board Member

Jasmijn Haak Wegmann (she/her)



My name is Jasmijn and I am a general board member at WIL this year! I recently graduated from Leiden University College, where I majored in International Justice. At the moment, I am finishing up my second bachelor's in law at Leiden University. Next to which I am working at ProDemos, an organization that teaches about democracy, as an operational manager. I’m passionate about female leadership, human rights, and creating an environment in which women supporting women is stimulated. 

As general board member, I help the other members of the board where needed and bring in ideas for new events. My goal is to organize more WIL events focused on community building. Particularly now, just after covid, it is important to know you are not alone and that women around you might be going through the same struggles as you do.

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