Meet our board 



Abigail Thorley


I am Abigail Thorley, the current Chair of WIL. My primary reason to join WIL was to pursue additional ways of connecting women together to provide support and a powerful network that could help launch careers. 


My main objectives for this year are to support and lead the WIL team to facilitate the growth of WIL’s network, continue to grow the amount of Members, and increase accessibility for our Members to the workshops and external opportunities we provide throughout the year. I will be investing time to ensure that WIL transitions smoothly into the year, despite current world events, and continues to provide access to inspiring workshops and events for our Members.


I hope to welcome many new, and old, Members this year and am looking forward to working with the team to bring you the third year of WIL.


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head of partnerships

Chiara Barone MacDonald

I’m Chiara Barone MacDonald, actually the Head of Partnerships for WIL. I am French-Italian-American and will be majoring in International Justice and minoring in Social and Business Entrepreneurship at my second year in Leiden University College.  I was a member of WIL last year and loved the ideas that the board members had and the workshops and how inspiring they were/are made me want to join the team. I hope to inspire young women in this organization and help push them forwards in their career and create a community of cooperation between our members and speakers. 


In my first year WIL taught me about growing interactions between organization bringing about positive change and that is why I was compelled to work with this organization as head of partnerships. I hope to use my skills of communications and curiosity to reach out and find new organizations to collaborate with WIL and bring more insight on how to integrate the job industry and feel more empowered. 


I hope to meet many new members and inspire them the way that WIL inspired me. 


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head of communication

Christine Stein Hededam

I’m Christine Stein, a second year student of International Studies at Leiden University, and the Head of Communications at WIL. I joined WIL as a general member shortly after moving to The Hague in 2019, expecting to learn how to navigate a more professional environment and grow my network. However, I gained so much more. Attending helpful workshops and inspiring talks, to me, is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to WIL. What makes our organization unique is the passion that members bring to the events and how we build each other up, professionally and personally. 


Wanting to contribute more, I began working for the Communication Team doing outreach in February 2020. Being on a team was a really good experience where I gained new skills and got to know more members. 


As Head of Communication for the 2020/2021 board year, I aim to increase our online exposure, especially as we continue to face challenges posed by COVID-19. My goal is to continue building a strong and recognizable brand for WIL and make sure that our members and partners feel connected to the organization. 



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head of Program

Clara Lindemann

My name is Clara Lindemann. I am currently a second-year student majoring in Governance, Economics, and Development at Leiden University College The Hague and throughout the upcoming year, I will be serving as WIL’s Head of Program. 


I joined WIL’s Innovation and Communications Teams right after moving to The Hague, because I wanted to contribute to an organization that works to diminish gender inequity in the workforce and to gain experience organizing events and creating social media content outside the academic realm. 


As Head of Program, I will be leading and supporting WIL’s Innovation Team, which organizes the events that WIL puts on for its members. These include workshops, panel discussions, networking events, and more. In the year that lies ahead, I aim to put on 20+ high-quality, interactive events that are tailored to our members’ professional aspirations, along with the Innovation Team Members. Furthermore, I hope to increase the size of the Innovation Team, so if you would like to contribute more to WIL and/or are seeking work experience in event organization, please reach out to me. I would love to have you on board and am interested in your ideas regarding future events!



Josephine Henze

Hi my name is Josephine Henze and I am a German American second year at Leiden University College. I’m studying Governance, Economics and Development and am this year’s Treasurer of WIL! Last year I focused on graphic design and website development as a part of the Communications Team but am excited to take on a new role within this incredible group of women.


I strongly believe in WIL’s core values and think this community is even more important than ever in these turbulent and unpredictable times. I hope that WIL helps guide and support young ambitious women in The Hague and as Treasurer I aim to make this a reality by creating financial accessibility and decreasing barriers for women to partake in our workshops and networking events. I will also focus on applying for grants, maintaining financial transparency, reaching out to partners, and keeping track of our budget to make sure our program runs as smoothly as possible.


Reach out if you want to grab coffee and chat about the importance of financial literacy for women (and how to achieve it!), photography and film, the great outdoors, design or any other topics!