Meet our board 


Anh Thu Nguyen


I’m Anh the new Chair of WIL. My objective is to be the main responsible, communicator and visionary; to lead a team; to grow the association, the members, the board and myself. I want to invest time, dedication and hard work into WIL to improve the member experience and the organization's expanding potential. 


It was the professional yet empowering atmosphere that convinced me to join WIL. I find the openness and desire to share knowledge quite appealing. After joining the organization, I have definitely seen an improvement in terms of confidence, management, and public speaking skills. Skills I wish to transfer to all of our members.

head of partnerships

Abigail Thorley 

I am Abigail Thorley, the new Head of Partnerships for WIL. My primary reason to join WIL was to pursue additional ways of connecting women together to provide support and a powerful network that could help launch careers. I have always been passionate about helping others grow, having experienced a similar process to the upcoming Mentorship Program (that I am very excited to be working on!), during my time as a Delegate and as President of an MUN Foundation.


WIL has always provided inspiring workshops and I have met many incredible people through the organisation. The Board members are all so welcoming and I can’t wait to bring forward new partnerships for WIL in the future. I hope to be able to expand our network to other universities and organisations over the upcoming months, and am looking forward to working with everyone.

head of communication

Ana Nico Clement

Hi I’m Ana Nico, the Head of Communications for WIL. I am French-American studying International Justice. I joined WIL because I was looking for an internship at the time and felt that I lacked profesional skills.


   The board really encourages all members to take an active part within the organisation. I soon became part of the communications team and gaining confidence eventually applied to become head of communications! This year I hope to create a strong communication team which will help the organisation continue to gain exposure.


      More than anything I feel empowered by the amazing members and speakers which I have met through the events. The workshops especially have helped me gain invaluable skills in advocacy, public speaking, writing and confidence. I wish to bring forward new opportunities for our members and to make sure the brand remains consistent and recognisable!


head of innovation

Manon van de Woestijne

I am Manon van de Woestijne, a Dutch national, and I study Governance, Economics and Development at Leiden University College. I’m the Head of Programme for WIL this year, which means I am in charge of creating the events and leading the innovation team.


I joined WIL during its founding a little over a year ago. I was a member of the innovation team then. I joined WIL because I was looking for an opportunity to develop myself professionally, but I didn’t expect to find such a wonderful community of inspiring women as well. I am excited for the events coming up this year and I hope that they inspire others as much as the ones from last year inspired me.


Laura Herren

Hello everyone! My name is Laura Herren and I come from Bern, Switzerland. I am currently a second year student at LUC studying Governance, Economics and Development, yet I am not fully sure what my future entails concerning my career path. I do know one thing though - WIL will help direct me!


I joined  WIL midway through last year, after having heard about its inspiring and constructive events from friends and classmates. Not only did it give me a great impression, but I saw it as an opportunity to initiate, engage and encourage the values for which I stand - more precisely, improving the confidence and presence of women in the personal and professional environment.


My task for this year is to give our members the same confidence and experiences that I have had, and to give everyone the opportunity to exercise. I am very excited to see new and old faces and to work with wonderful people!