Meet our board 



Audrey Wientjes


I am Audrey Wientjes, this year’s Chair of WIL! I am a Dutch-American third-year student at Leiden University College, studying Earth, Energy, and Sustainability. I joined WIL back in 2019, shortly after moving to The Hague, as I found it was a great way to connect to a supportive and empowering community, and hope to extend this same experience to others. After helping organize events as part of the Innovation Team last year, I am looking forward to furthering WIL’s mission this upcoming year!


As Chair, I aim to bring our board and teams together to further solidify our functions, grow and maximize our network (through a network database!), and expand our member base. With ever-changing regulations, I look forward to being creative in our setup for workshops and events, and hope to retain our tight-knit WIL community, whether online or in-person.


Please shoot me an email if you have any questions, ideas, or simply want to chat, whether about WIL, intersectional feminism, sustainability, urban planning, dance, jazz, or anything else!


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head of partnerships

Arja Nunn

Dear members of WIL, my name is Arja Nunn. I am the new Head of Partnerships and am super excited to be on this year's board! I am going into my third and final year of my Bachelor at Leiden University in The Hague. I study International Relations and love politics as well as conversations about sustainability and equality. Women in Innovation and Leadership is a safe place for me, a place wherein I can comfortably express my opinions whilst developing professionally and getting out of my comfort zone.


As Head of Partnerships, I want to see WIL collaborate with other like-minded organisations whilst expanding and diversifying our membership. I hope to see a mixture of hybrid and real-life events, formal to informal styles of participation, and finally, to realize our potential just a bit more than we have done in the past. I'm excited to see you all at this year's events!


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head of communication

Terra Rolfe

I’m Terra Rolfe, this year’s Head of Communications. I grew up on Canada’s West Coast and now live in the Hague, where I’m in my second year of studying Governance, Economics and Development at Leiden University College. This year, I’m super excited to put my love for writing, photography, and collaborating with other motivated young women to use running WIL’s communications! I joined WIL in 2020, and since then have gained knowledge, skills, and an extraordinary community through the program. WIL has been a safe space for me to connect with other young women, grow, and push myself. 


This year, I hope to grow WIL’s presence in the Hague both online and offline, through social media and an increased presence at (hopefully in-person!) events. All the while, I look forward to continuing to connect with our members and partners through as many mediums as possible. 


Feel free to reach out if you’re interested in joining the Communications Team or just want to chat about photography, the outdoors, book recommendations, or the best places to go vintage shopping in the Hague!



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head of Program

Stella Levin

I’m Stella Levin, the Head of Program for WIL. I am from Stockholm but live and study in the Hague. I am about to begin my third year at Leiden University College majoring in Governance, Economics and Development with a minor in Earth, Energy and Sustainability.


I became a member of WIL when I began at LUC in 2019, however, it was after noticing the importance of including intersectionality and gender discourses in both my study fields that I became even more passionate about WIL, and about empowering myself and other women with our incredible network. Last year I was a part of the Innovation team and now I will take over from Clara as Head of Program. 


As the Head of Program I am responsible for leading the Innovation Team and together with them organizing all of WIL’s events, from WIL Talks to networking events and workshops and my main focus will be on ensuring that everyone benefits from the network that we are building together. 


Reach out to me with any ideas for events or speakers - or just for a chat!


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Alyssa Guerrouche

I'm Alyssa Guerrouche, this year's Treasurer for WIL! I'm currently in the second year of my BA at Leiden University College in the Hague. 


It is truly a privilege to be able to hold such an honorable position as Treasurer for WIL this year. I hope that we will be able, as a board, to bring WIL to new heights and show The Hague the importance of the community bonding.