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  • WIL Membership

    6-month Membership Fee
    Valid for 6 months
    • The membership fee gives you access to all WIL events.
    • Moreover, you will be invited to our Opportunity Platform.
    • Members can become part of the WIL Mentorship Program...
    • ...and benefit from exclusive access to extra event goodies.



Step 1: Become a site member or log into your existing site account!


Step 2: Log into the site with your account!


Step 3: Buy a subscription for WIL with this new account


 Our membership fee is in place to ensure that we can provide you with high quality events. However, WIL is also a growing community and we firmly believe that financial reasons should not hold anyone back from becoming a Member. 

We want to make WIL as accessible as possible. Therefore, if paying the membership fee is a hardship, do not hesitate to reach out!

To hear more about ways in which we can help, such as scholarship options, contact our Treasurer Noor Dijkstra at

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